Pizza Hut’s new menu takes your order from your subconscious

Imagine you’re at Pizza Hut and you’re trying to decide what pizza to order. Maybe you’re in the mood for pepperoni, or perhaps tonight going for a vegetarian option sounds good too, and basically you just can’t seem to decide what to get. Well how about letting Pizza Hut decide for you? The pizza company is apparently working with Tobii Technology in developing a menu that will scan your eye movement to determine which particular topping you had your eye set on, even though it might have been a subconscious move on your part.

Pizza Hut has revealed a new menu which determines what customers want on their pizza by detecting eye movements in their retina and then automatically building a pizza based on what they looked at. Pizza is definitely not the first thing one thinks of when it comes to technology, but recently some new developments in the Pizza wars have shown that cutting edge technology is now being applied in the pizza business as well. Dominos started it with their real time pizza tracker that allows customers to watch their pizza progress on their computer or smartphone as it transitions from kitchen to oven and out for delivery. Recently they also added an app for both ordering and tracking on the Pebble smartwatch. Now Pizza Hut is trying to one-up Dominos with their new Subconscious Menu. After viewing pictures of ingredients for 3 seconds, the retina-reading technology developed by Swedish firm Tobii determines which ingredients a customer really wants on their pizza based upon the time they checked out the item, such as sausages or onions. It then presents what it believes is the perfect pizza for that specific customer.


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By Louie Baur

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