Project Harmony is the Dropbox feature that everyone has waited for

Are you a user of Dropbox? That is a pretty handy place to store some files that are of a non-sensitive nature, especially when it comes to PowerPoint slides, as well as family photo that are non-compromising in their own way. Of course, if you want to remain as reserved as possible, then forget about using Dropbox other than to stash away those pesky saved spam emails. Having said that, Dropbox has recently introduced the Project Harmony functionality that has been looked forward to for quite some time already.

As this past summer showed, all the big cloud players are gung-ho on workplace collaboration. After all, if you’re already storing tons of documents, it makes sense to layer features on top of those files so that people will stick with your product and not bail to another system. And so in that vein, Dropbox on Thursday said that its Project Harmony work-collaboration tool is now available in early access for Dropbox for Business customers. Project Harmony basically lets users share notes, comments and edits with each other on Microsoft Office-related programs like Word and Excel. The idea is that having a collaboration tool built on top of Office will significantly cut down on the amount of emails a team might send to each other when working together on a single document, like a Powerpoint presentation, explained Dropbox product manager Matt Holden. Now, an organization can add team members to a specific Powerpoint document so that only those specific people are the ones able to edit it.

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