Razer’s Nabu smart band is launching in North America tomorrow

Best known for producing tech for gamers, Razer surprised a few people at the start of the year when it unveiled the Nabu smartband, a wearable that made such an impact it ended up picking up several awards. You’re right, a considerable amount of time has passed since then, and this particular space in the wearables market is filling fast with an array of devices, but for the patient types who’ve been hanging on for the Nabu, the news is positive – the gadget officially goes on sale in North America on Tuesday .

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of this year, the Razer Nabu wearable fitness band has had a pretty long go-to-market time, but that’s because the company has been using the time to further refine its product. Since its announcement earlier this year, Razer has added Apple’s iOS8 Health app support as well as a partnership with China’s Tencent. The splash-proof (IP54) Razer Nabu fitness band has an LED display — a 128×32-pixels OLED screen at the bottom that shows your notifications. Interestingly, the Nabu has dropped the top-facing display seen in the earlier model. The wait, however, will soon be over. The Razer Nabu will be available for online purchase on Tuesday in North America for $100. It will come in four colors — green, white, orange and black — and two sizes: small-medium and medium-large. The wristband also has a social features — simply high-five someone wearing a Nabu and your contact info such as Facebook or Twitter can be exchanged. Lastly, like most other fitness bands, the Nabu comes with sleep tracking features.




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