Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone will be hitting India next month

India’s been a battleground for a lot of new smartphone makers in the past few months. While a lot of the competition has come from the neighbouring country of China, many of India’s domestic players have partaken in the game, making it rise to cut-throat levels. International biggies such as Motorola, Huawei, etc. too have launched some budget devices in the price-sensitive market, which has translated into lost ground for Samsung. In a bid to win back its share of the market and then more, Samsung is all set to announce its first Tizen powered smartphone in the country in the next month. 

Only a few hours ago came the news that Samsung are planning to launch another Tizen powered digital camera dubbed the NX500 at CES 2015 in January. In today’s article, it was commented how Tizen has not made its way onto a Samsung smartphone as of yet. Well, the latest news is that this seems about to change very soon. The rumors surrounding a Tizen powered smartphone have been going around for a long time now. It was only last month that we reported on a rumor Samsung was working on a low-end Tizen smartphone. If true, this was presumed to be something Samsung could use to finally offer a realistic alternative to Android One and their cheaper devices. Earlier Tizen rumors suggested that Samsung might launch Tizen (in smartphone form) on a more high-end device and this was rumored to be on a device dubbed ‘Samsung Z’ or something like this.


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