Sprint will split your wireless bill in half if you switch from AT&T or Verizon

Even though Sprint is the third largest mobile carrier in the country things haven’t really been good. Verizon and AT&T continue to extend their lead while T-Mobile is snapping at Sprint’s heels. The carrier is under new leadership and is now taking big steps to spur growth, the new “Cut Your Bill in Half” promotion is one such step. This promotion is aimed at subscribers who would like to switch over from their current carrier over to Sprint.

Sprint is taking on Verizon and AT&T with a new promotion designed to poach customers from the nation’s largest wireless carriers. Under the offer, which begins Friday, Sprint promises to lower new customers’ monthly bills to half of whatever they paid their old carrier. So if you pay Verizon $140 a month, Sprint will charge you $70 a month for unlimited talk and text. For that price, you’ll also get the same amount of data you were getting from Verizon (or as close to the same amount as Sprint’s plans will allow). Customers who sign up for the deal can lock in the slashed price indefinitely, the company said Tuesday. And, in a nod to previous promotions, Sprint is offering to cover any early termination fees, which can run hundreds of dollars, that switchers might incur for abandoning their old carrier.

By Scarlett Madison

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