The 88 Tauri is Lamborghini’s $6,000 smartphone

The word “Lamborghini” likely makes you think of very expensive cars, but there’s another product line with the same name that will set your wallet back, too. The 88 Tauri is the latest smartphone from the Tonino Lamborghini Group and it comes with an extravagant price tag of $6,000, according to Russian tech website┬áTonino Lamborghini manufactures luxury products, like watches and accessories. The company’s name comes from it founder, who’s the son of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini, the man behind Lamborghini cars.

Joining the growing list of luxurious smartphones with equally luxurious price tags. Lamborghini is launching its new 88 Tauri smartphone before this month, and this year, is over. Sporting the usual mix of quality materials and a design that speaks of its makers’ particularly identity, Lamborghini cars in this case, the 88 Tauri boasts not only looks but also the muscle that might very well make this smartphone worth its salt and its price. At least for those who can afford it. While many luxury smartphones aim for a certain level of finesse and elegance, the 88 Tauri tries to stick true to the Lamborghini’s automobile roots. In this case, that means a rather aggressive visage you wouldn’t normally see in phones but are common in cars. That said, you still get that blend of premium materials, like steel, in black, gold, and steel colors, mixed with leather in black, blue, red, orange, and brown options.

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By Connor Livingston

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