The Apple-IBM partnership has birthed its first business-centric apps

The fruits of the unexpected Apple-IBM partnership are finally coming to bear, as the companies announced Wednesday the first batch of made-for-business IBM apps designed exclusively for Apple devices. IBM’s new iOS apps draw on Big Blue’s big data capabilities to give companies in various sectors specific tools to improve their efficiency and communication, according to an IBM press release. The apps are made possible by an “unprecedented collaboration between Apple and IBM,” the statement said.

The partnership between Apple and IBM is starting to bear fruit. The companies, which in July struck a deal to deliver mobile apps to big businesses, on Wednesday released 10 apps as part of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS product line. The apps span industries including airlines, telecommunications, insurance, banking and government, and are all designed for corporate customers. Plan Flight, for instance, is designed for pilots to manage their in-flight activities to help airlines save costs, while Passenger+ is intended to help flight crews offer personalized services to passengers in-flight. Another, called Retention, targets the insurance industry to help agents keep top customers in the fold. The government-focused apps focus on helping caseworkers and on crime prevention. Companies among the initial wave of adopters are Citi, Air Canada, Sprint and Banorte.



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