Vimeo completely revamps its mobile website

Vimeo, the popular video sharing service, has just introduced a brand new mobile site which will deliver something that many of its users have been waiting for, which would be the “Watch Later” option, although that alone is not the only thing that this new mobile site offers. In fact, the new mobile site would play down the importance of navigation, but instead, chooses to focus on full screen video playback.

Video service Vimeo is out this morning with a faster, revamped mobile website that reduces clutter, improves performance and lets users interact with the service while logged out. On the updated site, users who aren’t signed in can like videos and even add them to a “Watch Later” list to save them for future viewing, the company says. The service is also hoping to increase users’ time on site to extend beyond the single video viewing with a new experience focused on showing users more recommendations as well as other sharing options after the video completes. The site’s layout is different, too, featuring a search box at the top and is today displaying a yellow bar at the top encouraging logged out users to join for free. Following that, the rest of the site is a scrollable list of popular videos from across the network.

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