Xiaomi has already sold more than a million smartphones in India

This year Xiaomi ventured outside of its home market, China, and into India. For many months now, it’s been holding pretty much weekly flash sales in partnership with Flipkart, the biggest retailer in the subcontinent. And apparently those have been going quite well. Xiaomi’s boss for India, Manu Kumar Jain, has announced today via Twitter that the company has already managed to sell more than one million smartphones over there.

In a country with over 1.2 billion, selling a million smartphones in India may not sound like a big deal for Xiaomi. It’s just the start though and suggests the China-based company is trying to replicate the success it’s finding in its home nation. Manu Kumar Jain, the head of Xiaomi in India, tweeted the milestone on Thursday, saying it happened sometime this month. Xiaomi might night be a household name in the Americas or Europe, but it’s a strong brand in Asia. And it’s the third largest smartphone vendor in the world based on volume, despite only launching its first phone in 2011. The company uses the open source version of Android — without Google services — and its own software interface called MIUI for handsets.

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