Apple hid a secret message within its terms of service for iCloud

Ignoring the terms of service is practically subconscious for most people, regardless of how important it is to read them. This is something that Apple has acknowledged in a very creative way. An artist by the name of Florence Meunier has managed to discover a hidden poem within Apple’s terms can conditions for iCloud that highlights the importance of reading the terms of service. 

Terms of service for the internet are often good for two things: inspiring wild outrage, or simply acting as a textual speed bump between us and the web. Now, it appears they’re also good for hiding secret messages. Artist Florence Meunier scoured Apple’s terms and conditions for iCloud and found a story within the weeds. Titled “The Man who Agreed,” the pamphlet liberally applies CIA-style redaction to Apple’s original document, revealing the truth about how we often interact with these contracts. Meunier calls Apple’s EULA “perhaps one of the most overlooked and ambiguous agreements we make,” and says that “by clicking ‘I agree’ we accept rather odd conditions that we are not aware of because the very design of it is not intended to be read.”

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