Apple is reportedly already testing iOS 9 on the iPhone 6

iOS 9 isn’t expected to be unveiled until much later in the year but new reports claim that Apple is already testing the next iteration of their mobile operating system on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The company is also reportedly testing iOS 9 on a variety of other devices in numerous areas across the globe. 

This afternoon, mobile app marketing platform Fiksu unveiled new data indicating that iOS 9, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, is now being publicly tested. According to the company’s research, Fiksu says it has now seen 145 distinct IDFAs (Identifier for Advertisers) in 2015 which hail from iOS 9 devices. The IDFA, a marker used by mobile advertisers, is a way to uniquely identify a device until the point that the user chooses to reset the identifier – something then serves as the mobile equivalent to clearing a web browser’s cookies. Because it’s possible to reset the IDFA, Fiksu can’t be sure that it spotted 145 distinct devices. However, it’s likely, because resetting the IDFA is not really a common activity.

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