Apple may be launching the 12-inch MacBook Air sooner than we thought

Numerous reports and rumors suggest that Apple is preparing to release a new 12-inch version of the MacBook Air, which itself is a more slimmed down model of the iconic MacBook. However, if new rumors from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners are to be believed, the launch of the new MacBook Air could be coming much sooner than was previously expected. 

Apple may soon launch the brand new 12-inch MacBook Air version, a slimmer, redesigned version of Apple’s iconic laptop model, with Digitimes saying that Taiwan-based Quanta Computer has already started volume production of the new version. Apple is set to launch the 12-inch MacBook Air model at some point in the first quarter of 2015, the site’s unnamed source said, with the redesigned laptop expected to replace the existing 11-inch MacBook Air. Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Air will still be present in Apple’s MacBook Air lineup. In addition to the 12-inch MacBook Air, Quanta is also supposed to manufacture the Apple Watch, with the device also expected to hit stores soon.

By Chastity Mansfield

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