Build your own modular smartphone with Google’s Project Ara app

The team behind Google’s modular smartphone initiative, Project Ara, want to make it as simple as possible for consumers to customize their own device. In order to this, the team has announced theGoogle Project Ara Configurator, an app that lets you customize your smartphone before you buy it with any of the up to 30 modules that Google has promised by the year’s end. ¬†

The team responsible for selling Project Ara to the public are aiming to make it as easy for you as possible. Google will be making it as easy to buy and as easy to see before you buy as possible. To do this, Project Ara will be coming with a Google Project Ara Configurator app. This app won’t only allow you to see your Ara phone before you buy it, but after you buy it and want to add new pieces.¬†Here lies the app that makes a situation similar to MotoMaker for Moto X happen for hardware. Instead of creating a smartphone with the colors you look and sticking with that look forever, you get to switch out parts whenever you want. And not just colors – processor, camera, display, speakers, and more.

By Carl Durrek

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