Carnegie Mellon wants to display traffic lights on your windshield

As automotive technology progresses, we’re reminded that there’s one part of our cars that has remain more or less unchanged for decades: the windshield. We’ve seen some recent attempts by automakers to turn the windshield into sort of a HUD, but it’s the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University who seem to have the right idea in mind for bringing the windshield to the modern era. 

The car windshield is something that just about all of us take for granted – and technology in this particular part of the car has moved at a snail’s pace – or never at all, especially when you take into consideration that the windshield is left as bare as possible in order to deliver the greatest field of vision. While some auto manufacturers have already introduced Heads Up Display (HUD) technology, none have really taken advantage of the windshield in the manner where researchers over at the Carnegie Mellon University have. Their solution? Displaying virtual traffic lights on your windshield.

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By Michio Hasai

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