CES 2015 could be big for Chinese tech companies

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas features products geared towards Western markets, something that Chinese companies don’t exactly have a strong foothold in, and it’s for this reason that Chinese tech companies tend to get overlooked at CES. However, with companies like ASUS and Lenovo making a habit of being bold and innovative, maybe it’s time to start taking a better look at Chinese companies.

The spotlight doesn’t often fall on the lesser-known Chinese (both mainland and Taiwanese) companies that set up booth space each January at CES. But if you do pay close attention to their yearly reveals, you’ll often find some of the show’s more interesting gadgets. Brands like ASUS and Lenovo (among many others) have a knack for either inventing new device categories or pushing the limits of existing formulas. They virtually define the landscape for hybrid PCs, and they’re often willing to stretch the boundaries of smartphones, wearables and TVs. In anticipation of the coming CES, we attempt to gauge just what each of these major Chinese players will bring to Las Vegas in 2015. But first, let’s indulge in a little history lesson.

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By Connor Livingston

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