Facebook is testing out a transcription feature for Messenger

Facebook has allowed users to share voice clips for some time now. This feature can come in handy when someone is too lazy or simply unable to go through the process of typing out their message, but it can cause issues on the receiving end when that person isn’t on a position to listen to the message. Facebook is looking to solve this with a new transcription feature that it’s currently testing out. 

Since 2013 Facebook Messenger has allowed users to send and receive voice clips. It an easy way of communicating with contacts particularly for those who don’t like typing a lot, but what if you’re at someplace where listening to the voice clip out loud won’t be appropriate, and you don’t have headphones on hand. In that case it would be nice to have voice transcription feature that will give you a text preview of what the clip contains. Facebook is now testing out this feature for Messenger. The feature itself is nothing new. It is available in Google Voice even though the results may not always be totally spot on, given the fact that voice transcription isn’t really easy, so it makes sense that Facebook is testing it out on a small scale at first.

By Carl Durrek

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