It looks like the tablet craze is finally starting to slow down

If recent reports are to believed, it looks as if the PC market is actually starting to recover from the massive blow that the rise of tablets has done, while tablets are starting to shrink. Actually, shrink isn’t the right word.¬†MediaTek predicts that tablets shipment will continue to grow this year, but at a much slower pace than previous years.¬†

MediaTek has issued a forecast suggesting tablet shipments are going to rise in 2015, but at a much slower pace than last year. More specifically, the chip maker is anticipating a single-digit growth rate for the tablet market this year with the most positive forecast standing at 9%.¬†According to the company’s estimations, about 175 million Android tablets were shipped for the past year, while iPads number 70 million and Windows tablets reached 15 million units. The overall tablet shipments for 2014 reached 260 million units. In 2013, this number was 217.1 million, as per IDC’s data.


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By Louie Baur

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