Jet wants to be to Amazon what Costco is to Wal-Mart

Just as Wal-Mart came to dominate the brick-and-mortar retail scene, Amazon has come to dominate the online retail scene, and just as Coscto challenged Wal-Mart’s supremacy with a wholesale business model, Jet hopes to do the same with Amazon. Using a traditional warehouse club business model, Jet uses annual subscriptions to fuel its insanely low prices for the kind of bulk purchases that Amazon isn’t very good for. 

A number of people turn to sites like for their shopping needs—everything from one-off purchases (an Xbox?), to subscription items you know you need on a regular basis (toothpaste?) to even your local weekly grocery order if your location supports it (asparagus?. Some blindly shop at the online retail giant, trading the concept of shopping around for best prices against Amazon’s convenience factor: Free two-day shipping, if you’re a Prime user, as well as all the other even-faster shipping options if you’re in a hurry. But if you’re buying a lot of the same item for your large family—or need to stock up on items for a big party you’re throwing—we suspect that you might even find a better deal at large warehouse retailers like Costco or what-have-you. Or, you could just surf on over to

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By Michio Hasai

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