Netflix is cracking down on users who use VPNs and proxies

Due to complex licensing agreements, it’s difficult for Netflix to expand outside of the few dozen countries that it currently operates in, and even then, those countries each have very different content libraries. Unsurprisingly, users from the US have access to the most content, which is so many people from outside of the US use things like VPNs to try and trick Netflix into thinking that they’re from the US, but Netflix doesn’t like that.

Due to complicated licensing agreements Netflix is only available in a few dozen countries, all of which have a different content library. Some people bypass these content and access restrictions by using VPNs or other circumvention tools that change their geographical location. This makes it easy for people all around the world to pay for access to the U.S. version of Netflix, for example. The movie studios are not happy with these deviant subscribers as it hurts their licensing agreements. Previously entertainment industry sources in Australia complained bitterly that tens of thousands of Netflix “VPN-pirates” were hurting their business. Over the past weeks Netflix has started to take action against people who use certain circumvention tools. The Android application started to force Google DNS which now makes it harder to use DNS based location unblockers, and several VPN IP-ranges were targeted as well.


By Jesseb Shiloh

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