Octa-core? Psh. MediaTek is working on 10 to 12 core mobile processors

People thought MediaTek was crazy when it started releasing octa-core processors for smarthphones, and even industry leader Qualcomm had nothing but scorn for the move. Fast froward to now, and Qualcomm has some octa-core processors processors of its own, and rumors suggest that MediaTek is pushing the limits once again with some 10 to 12 core processors in the near future. 

Qualcomm used to ridicule MediaTek’s octa-core processors, claiming that what smartphones need are better, not more, cores. In spite of that, Qualcomm’s 2014/2015 chipset line-up includes the likes of the mid-range Snapdragon 615 and the high-end Snapdragon 810, both of which feature eight cores. Whether because on the insistence of the marketing team or not, Qualcomm did follow into MediaTek’s footsteps. But if you thought that eight cores is as crazy as this race is going to get, then a new report, highlighted by Chinese MyDrivers, cites a supposed insider, who claims that the Taiwan-based chip maker might release 10- or 12-core processors. Not only that, but, apparently, if all goes according to plan, we could see those marvels of mobile technology before the year is out, which would be quite the achievement – these things usually take years of development, though MediaTek could have been working on them in secrecy.

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