Origin PC is taking gaming PCs to the living room without Steam OS

Origin PC was one of the first third-party manufacturers to team up with Valve during the¬†Steam Machine craze that promised to take the living room by storm and kill consoles for good, but as many of you are aware, that plan kind of collapsed on itself. Origin PC’s ambitions aren’t dead, however, as the company has announced a new line of living room gaming rigs that it hopes will take on consoles, but running Windows rather than Steam OS.¬†

Remember how Origin PC was quick to hop aboard the Steam Machine bandwagon with plans for SteamOS-powered living room versions of its Chronos desktops? Well, it’s back with another teaser for these rigs — but, like other gaming PC makers, it’s downplaying the Steam angle this time around. While the company’s newly rechristened Omega line can still boot multiple operating systems, they’re more PCs that happen to sit in your living room than they are launchpads for Valve’s console-like software. Origin isn’t divulging specs or pricing. However, it’s promising support for the “highest-end” NVIDIA video cards, liquid cooling and optional peripherals like Xbox controllers and a possible all-in-one keyboard and trackpad hybrid. Just be prepared to wait — the Omega series is only due to show up sometime in 2015.

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By Connor Livingston

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