Samsung promises a “flood of devices” powered by Tizen in 2015

There have been a plethora of rumors, reports, and promises about Tizen, Samsung’s homemade operating system, but not much has actually been seen of it. That’s all going to change this year, however, as the South Korean electronics giant has announced that we can expect a “flood of devices” that are powered by Tizen in the months to come.

A lot has been said and written about Tizen over the last couple of years. Samsung is developing this platform to cover a wide variety of devices, and it has already shown off a couple, with the first Tizen smartphone being formally announced just yesterday. In 2015 the company plans to keep Tizen front and center. A post on Samsung’s official blog states that the company is going to release a “flood of devices” powered by Tizen in 2015. There’s no denying Samsung’s claim. The company has seemingly made its mind to push Tizen in the mainstream. Even before the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Samsung had announced that all of its 2015 Smart TVs will be powered by Tizen.

By Carl Durrek

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