Several big-name companies have joined forces to standardize 4K TVs

Aside from the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles, 4K television are one of the biggest focuses of this year’s CES. However, with this new technology just starting to hit the market, Samsung a partnership called the UHD Alliance that contains a plethora of companies from various industries that will help to create standards for terminology and delivery of 4K content. 

4K TVs were one of the big stories of CES last year, but even now, there remain questions about what you’ll be able to watch and how you’ll be able to watch it. It turns out, basically every company involved in this process — from content creators to TV makers — realize that this is a problem, and they’re teaming up to solve it. Samsung is today announcing that team: a partnership called the UHD Alliance, which plans to set standards for 4K content, terminology, and delivery. Some huge names (and competitors) are all teaming up to do this. On the TV side, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp are involved. On the content side, there’s Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., Netflix, and DirecTV. Dolby and Technicolor are also included. “This is a game changer,” H.S. Kim, a Samsung displays executive, said while announcing the partnership. “Most importantly, for consumers.”

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