Sony is bringing aesthetics to the smart home with Life Space UX

As interesting and useful as the smart home revolution is, many of the products that are leading the charge aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. Sony might have the solution to this problem with its Life Space UX concept, which combines a cacophony of gadgets and technology to create a smart home that’s both highly interactive and aesthetically pleasing. 

The Internet of Things is a pretty terrible term, partly because of its vagueness. Exactly what are all these “things” and what are they doing on the Internet? Sony has a pretty good answer in its Life Space UX concept, which got an upgrade at CES 2015 and incorporates lights, speakers, projectors and more to create a highly interactive and beautifully designed take on the smart home. The highlight is easily the Symphonic Light, which combines lighting and sound into one of the most innovative connected gadgets we’ve seen. At first glance, it looks like any light you’d find in a hipster Williamsburg loft, with an LED bulb surrounded by clear glass. But the glass is actually a speaker that can emanate high-frequency sound in all directions (presumably complemented with a woofer in the base).

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