Sony’s game streaming service is finally getting a subscription option

PlayStation Now is certainly an interesting concept, allowing users to stream PlayStation 3 games to various Sony devices without needing to actually run the game on that hardware, but the price has deterred many users. Games have to be rented individually, often costing several bucks for just a few hours. This is something that Sony hopes to remedy with its recently announced $19.99 monthly subscription option. 

If there’s one major issue with PlayStation Now, Sony’s service that lets you stream PS3 games, it’s the price: some games cost several dollars for a rental that lasts just a few hours, and often it’s cheaper just to buy the game instead. Things are improving somewhat, however, as the company has just detailed a new subscription option that lets you play as many games as you want for one monthly fee. Set to launch on January 13th, the subscription option will cost $19.99 per month (or a discounted $44.99 for three months). That gets you unlimited access to the more than 100 PS3 games available through the streaming service. The Now subscription will be available to PS4 owners next week, “and will come to other PlayStation Now enabled devices in the future,” according to Sony.

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