The Galaxy S6 might come with Sennheiser earbuds

Samsung has a well-earned reputation for catering to audiophiles with it’s handsets, and the upcoming Galaxy S6 won’t be any different. Among the innumerable rumors surrounding the company’s much-anticipated flagship is one which claims that the smartphone will be shipping with¬†premium earbuds that will be provided by Sennheiser.

Samsung is still a long way from officially announcing the Galaxy S6 but there is already an abundance of rumors, the latest being that the Galaxy S6 is going to come with a pair of premium earbuds provided by Sennheiser. It is unclear at this point if all variants of this smartphone will come with these premium earbuds, for all we know Samsung could have a completely different variant up its sleeve geared towards audiophiles, but so far there has been no official confirmation from the company. It is not surprising to see Samsung appease audiophiles. It merits mentioning here that the company used Wolfson DACs on its smartphone quite a while before everybody else started doing so too, there is nothing wrong in Samsung wanting to continue its tradition of offering a premium audio experience.

By Carl Durrek

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