The Surface Hub is basically an 84-inch tablet with a 4K display

Microsoft announced a new type of device at its Windows 10 conference today known as the Surface Hub. Basically, it’s a lot like Microsoft’s Surface tablet, expect that it hasĀ a freaking gargantuanĀ 84-inch 4K display, comes equipped with some crazy hardware, and runs on Windows 10.

Microsoft has just unveiled a whole new category of device designed to showcase Windows 10. It’s called the Surface Hub. As the next evolution of the company’s Perceptive Pixel project, Surface Hub features an 84-inch 4K display with support for multi-touch and pen input. A 55-inch option will also be available, according to a press release. The massive screen also includes dual cameras, microphones, and a wide array of “advanced sensors,” Microsoft says, though it’s not yet sharing full details on all that’s inside Surface Hub. We’re also left clueless as to how much it will cost.



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