These smart socks can warn you when you’re running incorrectly

Just when I think they can’t possibly integrate modern technology into anything else, someone goes and and creates the world’s first smart socks. While the Sensoria aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing article of clothing, they definitely have much more functionality. By communicating with its mobile app, these smart socks can alert you when you’re running incorrectly, which can cause some injuries, both immediate and farther down the line. 

After braving the somewhat wacky wearables area in the Sands at this year’s Consumer Electronics show — unfashionable brainwave helmets are a “thing” this year — it became clear that most of the products are rehashes of fitness and health trackers. Everybody, it seems, has their own wrist-based device to measure sleep, steps and such. Among the more unique products were the smart socks from Sensoria Fitness. Granted, these aren’t quite new: The company raised more than $115,000 in a successful 2013 Indiegogo campaign. I haven’t had the chance to see them myself, however, so I got a closer look on Wednesday. Much like the OMSignal vest I recently tested, the Sensoria socks are constructed with conductive fibers. If you handed these socks to someone, I’d be surprised if they knew they were “smart socks,” which is a good thing.

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By Connor Livingston

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