Verifone’s new terminal lets you pay for your food right at the table

Paying your bill at a restaurant is hardly one of life’s most annoying inconveniences, but even so, Verifone wants to make the process even smoother with its upcoming Payware Mobile e355 wireless terminal. This terminal will allow you to use mobile payments services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet to pay your bill right at the table. 

Sure, your local drug store or theme park may let you buy things with your phone at the counter, but what about paying at the table in your favorite restaurant? Never fear, as Verifone will soon have you covered. Its upcoming Payware Mobile e355 wireless terminal lets stores accept any mobile payment you have, wherever you happen to be. It’ll take Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other NFC tap-to-pay transactions, and the design is meant to accommodate as many device shapes and operating systems as possible. You may never have to break out your credit card just because the shop can’t handle your new phone.

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