Xiaomi expects to sell around 15 million Mi Notes this year

Last year was an excellent one for Xiaomi, the burgeoning Chinese electronics manufacturer that his risen to become the third largest smartphone maker in the world, with more than 60 million sales. Now the company is looking to take things to the next level with even more expansion and growth, both of which will be led by the company’s flagship Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, which it hopes will sell 13 to 15 million by the year’s end. 

Xiaomi has a massive 2014 where just about everything went right for the company, over 60 million in smartphone sales proves that. However, the Chinese brand plans to go on to even bigger and better things and new devices like the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro will be at the forefront of further growth with their flagship credentials. Much of the company’s success has been from affordable lower end models, but the Mi Note range gives Xiaomi a chance to make a bigger impact in the flagship side of the market. KGI, one of the major market rsearch companies thinks this year Xiaomi will sell between 13 and 15 million Mi Note handsets, which is a lot considering Xiaomi’s output is exclusive to China and Southeast Asia.

By Jesseb Shiloh

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