Apple might put the next iPhone’s fingerprint scanner in the display

All of the current generation iOS devices come equipped with Touch ID in their home button but Apple may be working on an even cooler way of implementing its fingerprint technology. According to a recent patent from the company, Apple may be considering putting a fingerprint scanner within the displays themselves. 

Apple’s newer iOS devices all come with Touch ID installed in the home button, but could there be a better and more elegant way of introducing fingerprint technology? As it turns out there is, and it is inside the display itself. This is according to a patent from Apple that was recently published by the USPTO. As you can see in the diagram above, the patent describes a system in which the fingerprint sensor would be embedded inside the display, effectively giving it similar capabilities as Touch ID but in a different placement. In fact given that it is embedded in the display, we wouldn’t be surprised if apps could be designed around that feature or create a UI that takes advantage of it.

By Carl Durrek

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