Apple may finally shows some love to its iPod lineup this year

Considering how the iPod is one of Apple’s least important products, it’s no wonder the company hasn’t made any significant changes to the lineup in nearly three years. However, the company is far from finished with its media players and will reportedly be releasing some long-awaited updates to its current iPod lineup later this year. The iPod Touch in particular is expected to be given a much-needed touch-up. 

Though the iPod lineup has not seen any significant changes since late 2012, Apple will revisit its media players this year with an anticipated update to at least one model, a source has told AppleInsider. A source familiar with Apple’s future product plans indicated that Apple’s iPods — specifically the largest-screened model, the iPod touch — are expected to see an update later this year. The source suggested that Apple could retain the same 4-inch screen size as the current iPod touch model, though they didn’t offer any certainty on that front. Though the iPod lineup has been neglected for years, this year could be an opportune time for an update, as Apple works to further integrates Beats products into its ecosystem. The popular headphone maker was acquired for $3 billion last year. If previous iPod touch updates are any indication, it’s likely that Apple will recycle parts from previous-generation iPhones. Given that the current iPod touch lineup features the A5 chip that was used in the iPhone 4S Apple released in 2012, there are plenty of newer — and more powerful — options for the company to turn to.

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