Google Now is being integrated into 70 more third-party apps

Google has been working with developers to bring Google Now integration to third-party apps these past few months. The last batch of app integrations was back in January, when around 40 third-party apps added Google Now cards. Now Google has announced that it has even more partners, all of whom will be adding Google Now integration into around 7- third-party apps. 

Our phones help us find answers to questions large and small, stay on top of what’s happening in our day and in the world, and get things done quickly. The Google app can help you do all that, faster, and in one place. And Now cards in the app proactively bring you information at the right time without you even having to ask. Earlier this year, we started showing Now cards from some of your favorite apps on Android devices. Now, we’re working with 70 new partners to bring you even more Now cards from the apps you have on your phone. For example, if you book a Zipcar out for a day hike, you can keep track of your return time and get directions to the drop-off location with Now cards – checking them is as easy as a simple tap on the Google app. Or need a good a playlist on a Friday night? Now cards can recommend playlists and stations from Spotify, TuneIn or YouTube based on your preferences.

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By Alfie Joshua

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