Google’s MVNO service sounds too good to be true

And here I thought T-Mobile was disrupting the wireless carrier market, but Google’s own MVNO service is looking too good to be true. Just as the company’s gigabit Internet service has forced ISPs to actually offer their customers reasonable plans, Google’s MVNO service looks like it’s going to force wireless carriers to stop trying to get people to sign up for stupid data plans that do nothing but gouge them. 

Google’s forthcoming wireless service could allow customers to pay for data by the gigabyte, says a new report from Android Police Monday—a move that could force the hands of U.S. carriers used to roping customers into complicated data-cap plans that often end up gouging them. The news comes by way of an app made for the Google service that turned up in an unofficial Nexus 6 firmware image. Called Tycho, the app may reveal pricing details for Google’s MVNO service—called “Project Fi” within the app. The Tycho app itself will apparently give customers the ability to perform the usual kinds of account maintenance functions, like paying bills, activating phone numbers, and checking usage information. But some of the in-app text seems to reveal what could make Project Fi the wireless plan of your dreams.

By Alfie Joshua

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