Wakē promises to take the pain out of waking up in the morning

You know what sucks? Waking up in the morning. You what really, really sucks? Getting woken up by a blaring alarm clock practically ripping you out of your peaceful slumber. This is where Wakē can be of assistance. Rather than using loud noises, the alarm clock simulates a sunbeam shining on your face. While many of you have already heard of similar products, what makes Wakē unique is the combination of technologies that it uses to make waking up in the morning  a much more pleasant experience. 

Alarm clocks suck. I think we can all agree on that. But one company has come up with a new take on the alarm clock that might not suck quite as much. Imagine waking up to a sunbeam shining down directly on your face and soothing sounds in your ears. That’s what Wakē is promising if it can raise $100,000 on Kickstarter by May 30. Wakē combines several types of technology to create something pretty unique. Each morning it detects your exact position using a body heat sensor. Then a parametric speaker sends a focused but soothing wave of sound directly to your ears. Finally, a gentle beam of light shines down on your face, slowly growing brighter as the sound becomes louder. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw my current alarm clock in the trash, but we haven’t even covered Wakē’s best feature. If you share your bed with a second person it won’t wake them up. You can even set two separate alarms based on which side of the bed each of you sleeps on.

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