HP’s new PCs are powered by AMD’s next-generation GPU

There has been no shortage of leaks and rumors regarding AMD’s next-generation graphics cards, but this most recent leak shows that HP will be one of the first companies to adopt the new cards. Apparently, the AMD R9 380 will power HP’s upcoming Envy Phoenix desktops.

Rumors, leaked pics and accidental store listings of AMD’s upcoming R9 3-series card have been cropping up for months, so the company’s newest GPU hasn’t exactly been a secret. The latest “leak,” though, pretty much cements at least one aspect of it: HP says its upcoming Envy Phoenix desktops will feature none other than “AMD R9 380” graphics. Yup: Although AMD still hasn’t publicly confirmed the existence of its GeForce “killers” HP says they will be featured on one of its new back-to-school PCs, which are due to ship in June. The R9 380 isn’t the only unannounced AMD part in HP’s lineup, either: The company also said it will feature AMD Radeon R7 A330 or R7 A360 in its new Pavilion All-in-Ones—even though both of those GPUs are officially undisclosed. No details of the parts were given, but the model number hasn’t existed before. If AMD sticks to its previous routine, though, the parts could be rebranded or slightly enhanced versions of existing GPUs.

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