Samsung is launching a couple more curved smartphones this year

Clearly more than just a gimmick, and potentially even a new market trend, the Galaxy S6 Edge has been met with such high demand that Samsung was forced to ramp up production just to keep up. Curved screens are so popular, in fact, that Samsung is reportedly considering two more smartphones with curved screens this year. 

The Galaxy S6 edge was so well received by the public this year that Samsung reportedly had to increase production to keep up with demand. In fact, it turns out that Samsung is considering launching two more smartphones with curved displays this year. The Galaxy Note 5 is an obvious candidate to receive an edge version, since it’s going to be Samsung’s second flagship of the year. But Korean publication ETNews learned that Samsung is looking to launch one more smartphone with edge display before the Galaxy Note 5 edge arrives this September. It’s not clear what the device’s name will be, or when this purported smartphone with curved display would be unveiled, as no other details about it have been shared yet. The publication does say that Samsung plans to increase Galaxy S6 edge production from 3 million per month, as it is now, to 5 million per month during the first half of the year and 10 million per month by the end of the year.

By Sal McCloskey

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