OnePlus is offering a OnePlus 2 as a reward for winning these contests

OnePlus isn’t very good at keeping promises, but we can at least hope that the company will be able to release the OnePlus 2 sometime this year, as promised. OnePlus has matured quite a lot in the last year, so I’m confident that the company will be able to fulfill its promise, a confidence which is only boosted by the company’s two new contests, each of which offers the OnePLys 2 as a prize. 

The OnePlus Two isn’t slated to launch until later this year, but that doesn’t mean OnePlus won’t give people the ability to win its upcoming flagship for free through two contests: Your OnePlus Story and Photo Mania 2015. Your OnePlus Story has contest entrants creating an original video that explains their OnePlus story. In other words, they can say anything about OnePlus, which includes what they like about the OnePlus One and what they look forward to experiencing on the OnePlus Two. The contest will judge entries based on production, quality, and originality, so it won’t be enough to just sit in front of a camera and talk. Your entry must be in landscape orientation and have a minimum quality of 1080p. OnePlus will choose one winner, while the community will pick another. Eight runners-up will receive OnePlus gift bags and have their entries included in an upcoming OnePlus Two project.

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