Rumor: The OnePlus 2 will launch next month for $322

We heard some rumors earlier this year that the primary version of the OnePlus 2 would cost somewhere around $400 when it launches, while a more budget-friendly version would be priced a bit lower. Now we have a more recent rumor which claims that the smartphone will be launching next month for $322, although this is the Chinese price and doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what the American version will sell for. We also don’t know whether this is referring to the primary OnePlus 2 or the budget-friendly version. 

We can all agree OnePlus has never been good at hiding details. In fact, they get a kick out of hyping up the audience. They seldom give leakers a chance to do their job, but today we are getting a taste of some unofficial news. Are we feeling good for some pricing and availability murmurs? Because that is exactly what the guys at MyDrivers have for us. While we have previously heard the OnePlus 2 may cost around $400, the latest rumors say it may actually be cheaper than that. Internal sources claim the device will launch this July for 1999 Yuan, which equals to about $322 USD. Keep in mind this will be the Chinese price, and we have no idea how the next OnePlus flagship device will be priced in the USA and other markets. And that is if this information happens to be correct. Remember we still have to take things with a grain of salt around here. That is, until someone from OnePlus comes around and spills all the beans about the OnePlus 2.

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