The Snapdragon 810 is causing yet another smartphone to overheat

Despite Qualcomm’s insistence that there are no overheating issues with its Snapdragon 810 processor, we keep getting reports that the chip is causing overheating issues with the smartphones that it’s used in. The latest such smartphone is Sony’s new Xperia Z4, which is reportedly hitting temperatures as high as 67-degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to cause the device to automatically shut itself down. 

The Sony Xperia Z4 went on sale in Japan earlier today and already we’ve started to see reports that Sony’s latest flagship has some serious overheating problems which are probably due to its Snapdragon 810 processor which has been previously known to have heat issues. The reports have been coming in through blogs, forums, and social media with users saying that their Z4 is becoming too hot or warm to the touch. Users have also posted their phone’s thermal reports using CPU-Z showing that their Xperia Z4 shows temperatures from 55-degrees C all the way up to 67-degrees. While those temperatures won’t make the device too hot to hold, it will definitely make it warm to the touch and may also force the device to automatically shut down or prevent it from starting up due to the high temperature.

By Scarlett Madison

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