Etsy is jumping on the same-day delivery bandwagon

It’s no secret that having faster deliveries than your competitors can be a massive advantage for e-commerce companies, which is why Etsy is jumping on the same-day delivery bandwagon with Etsy ASAP. It’s currently just a pilot program that’s exclusive to buyers in New York City, but it’s a necessary move for Etsy, assuming it wants to continue competing with the likes of Amazon. However, even for a pilot program, the $20 flat fee is a bit pricey considering how Amazon and other competitors charge less than half that most of the time. 

Relationships between creative entrepreneurs and thoughtful consumers are core to the Etsy Economy and the strength of our communities, both locally and globally. An important part of the unique Etsy experience is the connection shoppers can have to the artisans and creators who live and work in their neighborhoods. Now we’re taking the next step in our commitment to facilitate these connections, and make it even easier for shoppers to find and support local businesses. Today we’re officially launching Etsy ASAP, a pilot program for the holiday season that enables same and next-day delivery from participating sellers in New York City. In partnership with on-demand logistics company, Postmates, we’re making it possible for buyers to discover, buy, and receive unique items direct from a local seller, all within the same or next day for a flat fee of $20.

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