Get ready to see a bunch more Buyable Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest’s potential as an e-commerce gateway is what earned it its $11 billion valuation, and with more than 100 million monthly active users, it’s about time the company starts meeting that potential. It started doing that not too long ago with its Buyable Pins program, which there are now about 60 million of, but considering how Pinterest has over 50 billion pins in total, 60 million is actually a pretty small number. That’s why Pinterest has been trying to form partnerships with as many e-commerce platforms as it can in order to expand the number of Buyable Pins there are, and it announced this morning that it just added a bunch more platforms. 

Pinterest announced this morning it’s expanding the reach of its “Buyable Pins” – meaning those pins that allow you to make purchases directly on Pinterest – to several more e-commerce platforms, including Bigcommerce, Magento, and IBM Commerce. The company previously supported Buyable Pins with Shopify and Demandware, when the feature first launched earlier this year. With the addition, Pinterest says that thousands of new merchants will be able to offer their products and services to Pinterest’s users. Alongside the announcement, Pinterest also offered an update on the Buyable Pins program as a whole. In total, there are now 60 million Buyable Pins on Pinterest as of today, the company notes. That’s a sizable number, but the site itself has over 50 billion pins, as of last count. In other words, a lot more content on Pinterest is not shoppable at this point. In addition to the expansion, several big-name brands are also now coming on board, including Wayfair and Bloomingdale’s, who will be working with the Buyable Pin program directly, as well as Demandware merchants DVF and Steven Alan. Thousands of new Shopify stores are being added, too, says the company.

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By Connor Livingston

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