OnePlus will unveil the OnePlus X on October 29th

We’ve been hearing a lot about the OnePlus X these past couple of weeks, and now OnePlus has confirmed that it’ll be unveiling the smartphone at a launch event on October 29th. The only official details we have are the name, everything else we know about the smartphone is based on rumors and speculation, but we’re fairly certain it’ll be an even cheaper smartphone than the OnePlus 2, and will focus more on design than powerful specs. 

OnePlus has confirmed that its third smartphone will be unveiled on October 29. The arrival of a new handset is always welcomed although issues with the company’s first two phones may overshadow the launch. The new phone, dubbed the OnePlus X in the announcement on Twitter, is likely to be a mid-tier offering. A recently pass through the FCC noted a 5.5-inch display, 1.9GHz processor, LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and an FM radio tuning chip. Odds are, it’ll ship running the company’s Android-based OxygenOS. A purported premature posting on Amazon’s Indian portal revealed additional details but there’s no way to confirm the posting’s authenticity. The original OnePlus went on sale in April 2014 via an invite-only process, likely to help with overwhelming demand. The same invite system was used to distribute the OnePlus 2 over the summer yet as Engadget highlights, many buyers are still waiting for their new phone to arrive.

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