Razer may have already given up on its Android TV box

Well, that was quick. Just a few months after Razer released the Forge TV, the company has decided to remove its set-top box from the Google Store. We don’t know if this means the device is being discontinued for good, but considering how Razer wasn’t even that interesting in pushing the device in the first place, that seems likely. 

Of the three devices that run Google’s Android TV platform, one of them is already fading from the market. Razer’s Forge TV, which went on sale in May, is no longer available from the Google Store or Razer’s own online shop. We’ve reached out to Razer for clarification, as it’s unclear if the $99 set-top box has been discontinued for good. As Android Police points out, Razer didn’t put much support behind the device after showing it off at CES in January. The company still hasn’t launched its Turret mouse and keyboard for living room gaming, or its in-home streaming service for playing PC games on the Forge set-top box. (In fact, the old webpage for this service is now blank.) Reviews of the finished product are hard to find on tech and gaming sites, as it seems Razer didn’t send out the Forge TV to reviewers. Worst of all, the device has never supported Android TV’s Netflix app.


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