Huawei might be developing its own mobile GPU and flash memory

Not content with being the largest smartphone maker in China, and the third-largest in the world, Huawei has spent the last few years trying to expand into the semiconductor market with its own mobile chipsets. The expansion has actually been pretty successful, and the company’s newest Kirin 950 chipset is its most-impressive one yet, which is probably why Huawei feels comfortable expanding even further into the market with its own GPU, as well as flash memory. That’s only a rumor, but considering how both Apple and Samsung have been rumored to be developing their own GPUs, it’s not that hard to believe that Huawei is as well.

Huawei is known to incorporate its own mobile SoCs in its lineup of smartphone and tablets, with the latest one being its Mate 8, which features the company’s powerful Kirin 950. In addition to developing its own mobile operating system named Kirin OS, the Chinese tech company has also been reported to produce its own GPU, along with another component that is going to be present inside its upcoming iteration of smartphones and tablets. According to a Chinese source, Huawei is being reported of producing its own mobile graphics processor. Until now, the company has been using graphics processors belonging to the likes of ARM and Snapdragon, but it looks like the company wants to stop relying on them completely. In terms of mobile chipset manufacturing, the company is following in the same road as Samsung, and Apple, with the latter also being reported to rely less on Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GPU and more on its custom designed one. Naturally, the mobile processor is going to be based on the ARMv8 architecture and being developed by the company itself means that the interface of its future smartphones and tablets are going to play along with its quit nicely.

By Michio Hasai

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