Spotify now has more than thirty million paying subscribers

Apple Music has had some really impressive growth since it launched last June, so does that mean should Spotify be worried? Even though it’s still the undisputed king of music streaming, Apple Music is growing at a ridiculous pace, and many people are wondering if Spotify can keep up. Well wonder no more, because Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek tweeted on Monday that Spotify now has more than thirty million paying subscribers, meaning it’s added ten million in roughly the same amount of time it took Apple Music to add eleven million, so it’s definitely keeping up.

Apple Music appears to be doing quite well, with the latest figures indicating that the streaming service now has more than 11 million paying subscribers. That’s not too shabby for a relatively new service, especially one that launched with a number of usability issues and frustrating bugs. Still, Apple Music has quite a bit of work to do if it wants to catch up to Spotify. Earlier today, Spotify CEO Daniel Elk fired off a tweet boasting that the popular streaming service now has more than 30 million paying subscribers. Impressively, this represents a 50% increase in subscribers from this past June when the company crossed the 20 million subscriber threshold. What’s more, Spotify’s subscriber base has more than tripled in less than two years. Remember, the company as of May 2014 only had 10 million subscribers. As far as active users are concerned, Elk didn’t provide an update in that regard. Last we heard, Spotify said that its service was used by 75 million active users, a figure which we imagine is substantially higher today.

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