Why are your customers unhappy?

Online retail sales have been growing steadily in recent years, reaching record highs in 2015.  Shoppers spent a combined $4.33 billion on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday alone.  Customers are purchasing things like clothing and accessories more than anything else, despite the fact they can’t try it on before buying.  This is great for retailers… Continue reading Why are your customers unhappy?

Video is evolving

Videography used to be a highly specialized field that required special equipment and training.  It took multiple members of a team, each with highly specialized skills, to produce a video that people would actually want to watch.  Nowadays everyone with a smartphone is walking around with highly specialized camera equipment in their pockets, and they… Continue reading Video is evolving

How does catfishing work?

This is real life.  Just yesterday, someone I follow on Facebook discovered that someone had created two fake accounts and used her pictures to assume a false identity which the “someone” used to flirt with me and generally behave in an unladylike manner.  The fake accounts were reported, but initially, Facebook refused to remove them,… Continue reading How does catfishing work?

How has big data changed healthcare?

Healthcare institutions have been compiling massive amounts of data for decades, storing it away for future use.  The future is now, because all that data is finally being put to good use!  Analysis of big data can be used for many things in the healthcare industry, from improving patient health outcomes to preventing hospital waste.… Continue reading How has big data changed healthcare?

How mobile advertising is changing the game

Since cell phones were released in 2006, mobile advertising has grown to a $64 billion a year industry.  It’s projected that in just a couple of years, over half of all advertising dollars spent will be spent on mobile advertising.  Considering less than $1 billion was spent on mobile advertising in 2006, that’s a pretty… Continue reading How mobile advertising is changing the game