Beautiful Object Makes Weird Noises, Likes to be Touched

Electronic music enthusiasts have a new tool at their disposal, this thing that looks like a cross between an iPhone and your grandpa’s radio, and apparently likes long walks on the beach. It’s called the Posc, a portmanteau word made up of pocket and oscillator. It oscillates in your pocket, and it likes to be touched.  No, really.

The first square wave oscillator measures skin conductivity, so it’s kind of a cross between a moog and a mood ring. The second square wave reacts to changes in light, so pushing the device deeper into your pocket or behind any other kind of cover affects the sound.

It outputs to a standard 1/4″ audio jack, so it can plug into almost anything from your computer to a guitar amp. It comes with free downloadable software “effects rack” and it only costs $30, which is a great deal as long as you don’t mind building the thing yourself.

VIA: Make Blog

Source: Maker’s Market

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