Giant 65-inch 3D TV Display Heads For Your Den

Alice In Wonderland and Avatar are blazing a 3D trail, smashing box office records. Now consumers can look forward to the biggest generation of 65-inch 3D displays, which are now on the production line at manufacturer, AU Optronics.

Engadget tells us TV watchers enjoying on of the new crop of 3D flicks on the 65-inch HD LCD panel display must only use a cheap ($3) set of polarized 3D glasses to enjoy 3D effects. That’s the same glasses as you may already be used to using when watching the new crop of 3D films at cinemas and movie houses.

AU Optronics isn’t a household name in TV sales, so don’t look out for the brand in the shops. Instead, keep your eyes open for the first giant 3D HDTVs to appear in your local electrical retailers under different brand names early next year.

TV makers have high hopes for 3D. Giant US tech trade show the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was festooned with television manufacturers talking up 3D. Recent surveys claim 3.4 million 3D sets will be sold this year, adding a little lucre to an industry slammed by slow sales as consumers tightened their belts last year.

Films such as Avatar are important drivers for this new wave. “While 3D has taken a number of years to penetrate in the movie theatres, I believe this is the year it will begin to enter the home,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, the head of Dreamworks Animation told BBC News.

Don’t expect an instant move, he warned, “It usually takes from five to ten years to transition from one platform to a newer one,” he said.

Source: EngadgetAU Optronics

Written by Jon Edwards

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