Use your USB port to keep your beverages cold

Everyday I get more and more amazed at what we are spending money on. A USB bag that will chill your beverage. Yes, you read that correctly. So wait, you’re saying that we found a way to convert USB power into cold energy?

I guess for the hard-core gamers, (myself included) we understand the pressures and strength it takes to get up, go to the fridge, and get a cold drink. Well now sit your butt down and continue playing all night long.

Head over to and order your very own USB powered Beverage Chiller Bag. This innovative invention will save you from that spoiled milk, or the thought of your beer getting cold. It comes with a insulated, spill resistant carry bag to keep your beverages ice cold.

• Interface: USB1.1/2.0
• Power supply: 5V (USB supplied from the port)
• Uses semiconductor technology to cool drinks
• Low-noise, energy-saving operation
• Temperature of cooling bag decreases to -10 degrees after 5 mins
• Material: nylon, carbon fiber, SBR
• Color: black, pink, camouflage
• Cable length: 1.5m
• Dimensions: W67 × D67 × H100 (mm)
• Weight: about 65g

Be the first one in your office this summer not sweating. Cool your water down to -10 C and watch your co-workers rush to order one.

Source: / TechChee

Written by Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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